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External Wall Insulation to MoD Housing 



Synergize was commissioned to work on Ministry of Defence land to deliver a major scheme to improve the energy efficiency of 30 military personnel homes. This was an exposed site and the work was made even more challenging by the fact that it was winter and we were required to undergo vehicle security checks every morning and night. Each property was of non-traditional REEMA construction, having been built using prefabricated reinforced concrete panels. We were commissioned to design and install BBA approved external wall insulation systems to all properties and carry out necessary building works to allow for the safe and efficient installation of the cladding. 

How we helped

Our expertise in external wall insulation meant we were able to plan and fully project manage the supply and installation of a high performance, fire safe and building regulations compliant EWI system to achieve a U-value of 0.30 W/m2 .

We designed roof alterations to allow for the additional depth of the external walls, fitting new roof tiles to match the existing and removing fascias and gutters. All loose friable material was cleared from the external walls prior to insulation being installed.

The EWI system was designed to fully cover the existing high level wall plate to eliminate the existing cold bridge issue. External wall insulation was designed to extend through porch areas to make sure the entire external wall surface was covered for maximum energy efficiency. External wall insulation was also fitted to outhouses. 

Taking a holistic view of the energy efficiency of each home meant also upgrading loft insulation to a minimum of 300mm mineral wool insultation and replacing extractor fans in bathrooms and kitchens with extra low voltage energy efficient models. 

Our project management approach to major refurbishment schemes such as this meant we planned the work carefully to include all aspects. In this case that involved removing vegetation, redundant air bricks and ventilation grills, cutting back all existing concrete sills and window surrounds to accommodate the new cladding and replacing all gutters and downpipes. Alterations to fencing, walls and gates were carried out where needed to accommodate the new external wall insulation. This extra attention to detail and our comprehensive snagging inspection at the end of the job resulted in a very successful project. 


Synergize was originally meant to have been working alongside a second supplier on this project but we were on site and had finished the work before they were able to start. Our prompt delivery was made possible by dedicated managers and our knowledge and experience of working with external cladding. This meant that we completed a large scale energy efficiency design and installation within the agreed timescales, despite challenges of tight security and inclement weather. We exceeded expectations in terms of quality, completing all work to a high standard and carrying out a thorough quality assurance survey of work on completion.