Managing Risk

Our aim is always to carry out a well-defined project where all parties clearly understand their respective risks, liabilities and responsibilities.

Time spent in preparation of a project is never wasted. Our thorough Risk Management process helps us identify and assess the main risks associated with any project, before composing a measured response.

We are always mindful of personal safety risks and act accordingly. Our Synergize Project Manager and the Consultant carry out a complete physical inspection of the site, identifying any buildings, structures, site boundaries, access to the land or other features that may affect development.

As an established EWI installer we have developed an in-house management system and a series of procedures which mitigates many of the common issues relating to Health and Safety during our EWI and associated works.

By identifying risk at survey stage – subject to access – we highlight any prospective issues and reduce risk by implementing, where required, address specific control measures via Risk Assessments/Method statements (RAMS). Our prescribed working practices mitigate any potential Health and Safety issues that may arise on an individual basis.